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On September 30th 2018, Hong Kong Office of the Government Chief Information Officer ( ‘OGCIO” ) and PRC Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province (GDEI) have published a new version (i.e. Version 1.1) of Mutual Recognition Certificate Policy (MRCP).

This update is to support remote, non-face-to-face verification of the applicant's identity using information from the trusted data source.  It serves as a new and convenient channel for application for mutual recognition (MR) certificates.  Moreover, the security standards of the MR certificates have been enhanced to meet the development of cross-boundary business in the industry, including the use of SHA-2 and RSA 2048 and above. Please visit our website below for the updated MRCP.


 The Trust List of Certificate Types with Mutual Recognition Status has also been updated to reflect the corresponding changes in the MRCP.





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